A low-cost way of product presentation is the swatch.
A relatively simple folder and substantially less sample material use.
Of course we also produce luxury swatches that bring added value to your product.


The Alive swatch

In addition to a collection book we also produced a flooring swatch for Bonaparte and Parade carpet.


The Novalin range

A design swatch with a cover that closes with magnets. The size of 20 x 10 cm fits nice in the suitcase of your agent.


Contract wallcoverings for BN

A swatch with 120 samples separated by tapped pages. A nifty tool for the prefab industry.


Sun protection is also suitable for presentation in a swatch

58 x 10 cm, just enough to show the colourways and the patterns of these fabrics.


Eric Kusters swatch

Floorings whit a fluffy imago presented in a fluffy way.


A nifty presenation of a theme collection

For Arte we produce in addition to the great wallpaper books also a take-away version of a wallpaper collection.