Our creative studio is obsessed with designing better collections
Our designers specialize in building collections from the ground up and leading established brands in new directions without losing the costumers identity. A costumer style guide outlines rules for the identity system including logo lock-ups, color formulas, typography, photography and graphic motifs. The guide is an important tool in creating brand cohesion.

Short communication lines
Our multidisciplinary creative studio located in the same building as our production line in Zoetermeer.

What we do
Books studio is a full service graphic design and illustration studio catering primarily to the presentation industry. Our services include: Identity development, collection design, packaging design, colour retouch service.

A important process to match the colours of the images to the colours of the samples.In our studio we have the colour measurement technique to find the happy medium between the images and the samples in the collection presentation. By means of a colour contract proof we can show you the print result in advance as an reference guide for adjusting the press before the final press run.