We are able to make many thousands of cards per month for you. Wall coverings, curtains and upholstery fabrics are extremely suitable for this form of presentation. We also produce sample cards (also called, shade cards or tip-cards) for floor coverings, laminate or wood. Depending on the composition of the material to be pasted, we can process this entirely mechanically or manually.

Englisch Dekor
Clearly laid out collection cards for planners and architects. The shade cards give an overview of plain, dimout and flame resistant upholstery fabrics.

Every year Arte creates several new collections. Arte is a passionate designer & manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings. All of these new products must be innovative and trendsetting.

Contender supplies sailmakers all over the world with a full range of sail cloths for modern sail design. Presented in a binder with several tip cards. For each type of sail cloth a different card. The best way to get your product in front of as many potential customers as possible.

1st For Decoration
1st For Decoration is an exclusive prestige firm, specialized in upscale interior products. For their world class product we develop a luxurious binder with golden mechanic. Each shade card shows a perfect pressentation of the wallcovering designs to decorate your villa, hotel or palace.