A high quality brochure for Kirkby House

This brochure has spot uv varnish, gold foil and punched hole in the midle. All this to illustrate the high quality of the Kirkby House fabrics.


Shalimar brochure

A high class family collection with a brochure to take home. This will help the customer to deside for this outstanding fabrics.


Supporting printwork

To support the collection Charivari we provided several print works: a calendar, a display and a brochure. All to get the right attention for this fabric collection.


A price list for Chivasso

In the beginning of the year, this yarn bound price list gives a tangible overview of the entire collection Chivasso fabrics.


Big full colour photobook

For Graypants Amsterdam we made this 50 x 50 cm book.


All kinds of displays

When packaging your collection we can put in an auditional display. The price depends on the quality (glued around) and whether you want a folder box to it or not.


The Huddle Book

For Tommy Hilfiger we made “The Huddle Book”. A calendar like binder containing all the information the reseller needs to work with them.


Traditional displays

For Carlucci di Chivasso we produced this point of sale materials, to promote their new wallpaper collections.


Different boxes

We can arrange all kinds of boxes with or without print. A box protects your product and allows you instantly that you can send your book to your customer.