A motivated team
Even though several processes have been automated, the work progress at Books Holland b.v. is still mostly done by hand. Each and every member of our motivated staff is highly qualified and can be put to work on various stages of the production process. They take great care of your presentations. In the end, the products we deliver are their proud creation.

Work flow wallpaper sample book
When all the materials are sorted, every batch is marked with a label to make clear exactly what it will be used for. That way, it is no problem at all to work on different orders at the same time. The wallpaper comes in on rolls, and is made into flat sheets so it is easier to work with.

The rough wallpaper sheets are cleanly cut. The single wallpaper pages are made the right size. The wallpaper pages are printed on the reverse side using relief printing machines. Several home workers attach wallpaper borders to the underlying wallpaper pages. During this progress the full colour sheets are printed.

Wallpaper samples and photo sheets are gathered to complete sets. These sets are bound together and cut to final size. In the end the cover is placed over the wallpaper set.

During the whole process there are several moments where we check our production due to our high quality standards.

After finishing your presentation, packaging is a vital element. Sample books are often shipped across the world. Naturally it is important that your presentation is in top condition when it arrives at its destination. For perfect protection, there is the option of individual packaging. In this case every single item can be marked with a code, so that it can be easily stocked. More over, this gives you the opportunity to provide the packages a unique appearance by means of an imprint. It is also possible to add a promotional item to each single package, to surprise the reseller and encourage sales. Items that are closely related to the specific collection are most suited in this case. Ask us about the possibilities.

Trucks are constantly coming and going
The sample collections we create find their way to manufacturers and distributors across the world.

The production of fabric collection presentations is in good hands with Books Holland b.v.
For manufacturing fabric presentations, we can use many of the techniques which we apply for wallpaper but also add several other techniques, such as cutting from the roll, making serrated finishes, hot-sealing and glueing fabrics on paper cards or frameworks. The rolls are first cut to coupons (sheets). Afterwards, the fabrics receive a machine-made serrated finish. Then, nett-sized fabric pages are created.

Fabric cards and frameworks get a glue layer, machine-applied. Glueing can also be done by hand, which for some collections is actually necessary due to differing page sizes. The fabrics as attached to the card or framework are collected and put in order by machine or otherwise by hand, depending on whether the machine can handle the fabric material, and nailed to a block. Cutback pages combined with interior photos make it possible to present a collection per room.

Sending preparations
We use Europallets or disposable pallets and pack according to the maximum height as ordered by you.

Other materials handled and transferred to presentation products
We can handle many other materials than wallpaper and interior fabrics. Examples are fashion textiles, window films, giftwrap paper, and of course printed sheets.

Since such materials require by nature another way of presenting them, the Books team is fit to find the right concept for you and your target group. Our machines and people offer various possibilities, even for handling difficult materials like those which wrinkle easily, like super-thin foils and films.

Blisters packing
Books Holland b.v. provides dry foil blisters packing. We offer you a way to bundle different products, like tip cards, in one set. The blisters packing not only provides an bundle function but also a protective function.

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